Biography: Manx Dreams is a creative vehicle and alter-ego of singer-songwriter Benjamin L. Seymour. In his first full-length, solo project, Manx utilizes analog, synth based textures, minimalist guitar and bass, and other elements to tell stories and paint mental pictures. Manx incorporates some of these influences and a prior lifetime, to fuel the first album “Of Past Lives” being released July 29th of 2022. Prior to Manx Dreams, Ben played guitar for several Coachella and San Diego based artists.

Current Updates: Manx Dreams is a creative project by artist Ben Seymour. Currently, Ben plays all instruments, provides all vocals and manages all production of Manx Dreams. This could potentially change on future projects. The new single “1111 Island Ave.” is currently available through iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms. The first full-length album “Of Past Lives” is available across platforms. In an effort to support indie artists, we encourage listeners to buy directly from the artist on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.